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IF anyone interested in joining a Autoclub and is serious about it (no little kids, no fucking around) message me for more details.
slowcamaro22 Apr 7 · Comments: 4
I'm sure most of you have had ideas stirring up since the beginning of winter and now that Spring is upon us we finally have time! So what kind of stuff are y'all doing to your rides in the upcoming months. Personally, I'm doing tinted windows, blacking out my grille, both bumpers, and mirrors. Also giving a light tint to headlights and taillights. (Just did taillights yesterday...look good)
justin2865 Mar 23 · Comments: 7 · Tags: spring michigan winter
So a buddy and I were discussing the other day what were the most attractive breeds of women. You have your country girls, your scene girls, preppy girls, etc. but it was simply really; gearheads are the rarest and most attractive.

Women that are interested in cars somehow are given an aura of pure awesomeness. I wonder if they come out of their mothers holding a ratchet or lug wrench.

If you think about it, any woman that is interested in cars, trucks, or some form of motorized vehicle always seems to be rare. But I think that when you find one, you wife her up right the fuck there!!

We've all seen the models that are "gearheads" but the true models are the ones who will be right there beside you covered in oil and dirt. And you wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

To all the gearhead women out there in the world: You're a special breed and you deserve the biggest diamonds. Actually, no. You deserve the biggest turbos and best tool sets. You're lovely women and you give every gearhead butterflies. Keep doing what you're doing and by god, please keep those cars badass.

thejslay Mar 21 · Comments: 2 · Tags: rant, women, purple
So recently my car just came back from the shop with a new paint job (white), and I've been trying to put the final (cosmetic) touches on it. One thing I can't seem to agree on is what percentage is too dark?

I love the blacked-out look when I had it on my previous car, which was 20% all around. I got great heat protection and privacy. But.. Looking at my new car, I'm really diggin it with no tint. It looks classier.

However, the sun/weather shows no mercy in California, it's hot as hell already and we're only in March. Not to mention I have black leather seats. Yeah I could go with a lighter tint, but I'm still on the fence about it.

Any opinions? What percentage did you go with?
G Mar 20 · Comments: 8
Not car related and not a damn is given but...

It's starting to get warmer down South and that means outdoor activities. For me this means kayaking and kickin it in the ENO. What are all of y'alls favorite warm-weather activities?

And I swear if someone says longboarding I'll kick you in the nads.

thejslay Mar 10 · Comments: 2 · Tags: nads, balls, south, eno, kayak, turdsammich
When two people drive side by side down a two lane road.

When someone drives under the speed limit in the left lane of the highway.

When people don't use their turning signals.

When I see someone texting/talking on their cellphone while driving. 

So tell me, what terrible driving habits rustle your jimmies? 

Unitas Mar 5 · Comments: 7
For all of the off-road guys in the group where do y'all like to wheel weather it be Moab mud Boggs Baja it doesn't matter let's see who all the off-road members are and chat we all like to wheel. Being a Texas boy I get a bit of everything from mud rocks desert and some bad ass off camber sections
gilarmstrong Mar 4 · Comments: 4 · Tags: pls4x4's jeepnation
I recently went to a car meet new to town called Cars and Coffee. There were cars from all makes and models ranging from a DeLorean DMC-12 to a Rolls Royce Ghost. The object of the meet was to get car enthusiasts together During the early morning and enjoy everyone's vehicles. 

Being that in this day and time our worlds revolve around social media, there was a Facebook page made for this event. It was the first time this event was going to be held in a town named Augusta. On the page for this event it CLEARLY explained the rules that were going to surround the meet. They were your typical car meet rules: no loud music, no burning out, etc. Simply put, they were all common sense to someone who would want to see an event flourish. 

I got to the meet around 8 o'clock when it started and the group of people I came with all parked by each other. I began to look around and the Mustang enthusiasts were in their own section, the Camaros in theirs, the JDM cars in theirs, and the Audi and BMW guys were in theirs. the people I came with were all in Volkswagens. 

We began to walk around and look at what everyone had brought out. Everyone their was looking at cars outside of their own group and I really liked seeing the appreciation everyone had for a nice vehicle. I myself am a VAG enthusiast. For those who don't know what VAG is, it's Volkswagen Auto Group. They own Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ducati, Volkswagen, and a couple other subsidiaries. But one group I've never liked were the JDM enthusiasts because I grew up around ricers. Lately I have been trying to separate JDM lovers from ricers in my mind because I know they aren't all ricers. Even though I don't like JDM cars I still looked at them and talked to their owners. This really helped solidify that just because someone drives a JDM car does not mean they are a ricer. These guys were all incredibly nice and genuinely wanted to look at every car there. Except for this one man. He was in an older civic that was matte green on black steelies. 

For the first hour everyone was there he sat in his car with his steering wheel on the dash. Every time someone would walk past he would give them dirty looks. Finally he got out of his car around 9:15 and just stood beside it with the door open. I continued to walk around and look at different vehicles, mainly a Mclaren M4-12C that was absolutely beautiful, until I started to hearing a obnoxious bumping noise. Then it hit me. Mean-mug-ricer-douche had turned on the system in his Honda. I look over and see every other JDM person get in their cars and move to a different spot to separate themselves from this immature guy. I began to walk down to where some older Camaros were when I heard him directly behind me. He was leaving his spot and was driving down the aisle to get out of the parking lot. 

I was glad he was leaving until I noticed that this little girl who had been walking around with a boxer puppy was in the middle of the aisle. At this time HondaGuy was getting really close to her and he wasn't going to slow down. Everyone saw this and the littles girls father (who happened to have a s2000 there) yanked her and the puppy out of the way. The HondaGuy gunned it and tried to burn out while leaving. 

This just got under my skin because he decided to break EVERY rule set forth by the people who were having the meet. That's when I realized that being a ricer isn't based on what you drive, but how mature you are with what you drive. It saddens me that there is always at least one person who gets butthurt and wants to ruin a good event. 

It's things like what this guy did that gives car enthusiasts a bad name and keeps business from wanting events on their property. This is something that we as a society need to change because no matter whether it is muscle, import, or lifted we're all the same and share the same passion. 

thejslay Mar 3 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: events, cars, rice, purple, umbrella
Hey guys,

I would love to hear back from you guys on your opinions of Parking Lot Social. What do you think of the site? What do you think of the concept of a social media site to cover all makes, models and interests? I am looking forward to the growth of this idea and I am thankful for every one of our users and followers on social media. Can't wait til the spring rolls around and I can get the word out at meets and events!

nick Jan 29 · Comments: 7 · Tags: firstpost, blog, support, thanks